Friday, October 4, 2013


Poem written for Divinity's 65th Anniversary Celebration on September 8, 2013:

“Spiritual Energy”                                                                                           Pastor Doug

Meeting places on Pearl and in the school
No where long enough for spiritual energy to pool.
The first sanctuary, fellowship hall, and gym
A familiar space to gather, worship, and confess sin.

The intensity of baptisms, communions, weddings, and death
Confirmations, confessions, conniving, and all the rest.
Spiritual energy confounded and abounded
Moving to a new sanctuary rounded.

Spiritual energy filled the people that came
Some very gifted and yet quite insane.
A God who answers prayers who we cannot see?
A Mighty Fortress is Our God for the lonely me?

In spite of insanity, faith persisted
The Christ on wood could not be resisted.
Jesus filled us up with spiritual energy
To follow the Via de Cristo with communal synergy. 

Carrying the presence, serving a meal, Stephen ministry:
Spiritual energy blows through our 65 year history.
Joining hands with the ELCA the past 25 years
September 8th we let go of all of our fears.

Inside and outside, we will give thanks
As spiritual energy fills our ranks.
If you’re not feeling it because you’re not here
Come and experience a place made holy by our joys and tears.

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