Saturday, October 20, 2012

Festival of All Saints

Divinity Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We’re having a double celebration during our worship services on November 3rd and November 4th. It is the final Sunday of our annual stewardship emphasis when we bring our pledge cards forward during the offering. We also celebrate the Festival of All Saints when we commemorate those who have died by lighting a candle for each on our All Saints cross and by a bell choir member tolling a bell.

We remember our family members and friends not for themselves and in themselves, but because of what God has done through them. “When the church praises the saints, it praises God himself, who has tri-umphed through them. Those who are still in the church on earth are supported and encouraged by the fellowship of a throng of witnesses, who fought their way with effort and pain, and who now in the company of the redeemed are watching and supporting the church on earth in its present struggle.” (Philip Pfatteicher)

When I think about that quote, it’s a little scary that my two grandfathers are “watching and supporting” me as I serve “the church on earth in its present struggle.” Not to mention my great-grandfather who had me driving his big flat-bed truck loaded with alfalfa hay to the downtown mounted police and to Northfield and Thistledown when I was 15, before I had a full driver’s license. They would no doubt challenge me to work harder — time is short.

On All Saints Sunday we celebrate eternity where time is not short. Here at Divinity, we’ve had 22 Funer-als since last All Saints Sunday. As always, there will be tears, Kleenexes, and the candles that will be given to families at the conclusion of our worship services.

We join all the saints in praise of Christ, who has turned our graves into the doorway to eternal life. — Pastor Doug

We Remember: 

Marjorie E. Knodel 
Jewel Faieta 
Joseph Tish 
Edward Kurek 
Elizabeth Houk 
Carol Latimer 
Brian David Galgoczy 
Richard L. Stender 
Kathleen Hebebrand 
Dolores Grace Kettler 
Lois May Brugge 
Carol A. Murray 
Elizabeth Miess 
William E. Card, Jr. 
Edward Borkowski 
Dorothy M. Brodek 
Anetta Marie Filbin 
Margaret Campbell 
Kenneth Hebebrand 
Richard Kolp 
Elmira Lydia Tiedt 
Barbara C. Diver